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2012: the year of the hat?

2012 September 15
by SY

Capped dude (image by The Sartorialist)

If one item of clothing has been at the forefront of people’s minds in 2012, it’s the hat. Their popularity peaked around the Olympics, when a number of famous designers got together to stick something on the heads of various statues around London. The final product was pretty impressive, as you can see in this gallery on the Guardian.

One of these designers, Stephen Jones, then went on to claim that 2012 could become the “Year of the Hat” in an intimate interview with Telegraph Fashion, despite them being increasingly rare to see. “These days, if you want to see hats, you have to hunt them out,” he lamented, looking back at past culture that actively encouraged headwear. “You have to go to a wedding, to the races, or maybe to a night club.”

However, Mr Jones claimed that hats worn in the right way are nothing short of “lingerie for the face”. “If a woman wears a hat,” he continued, “she always gets served first, she always has the door held open for her. It’s extraordinary.”

It’s not so much a case of getting something a little more relaxed like a beanie, or the plethora of snapback caps that have flooded the younger scene in recent months – it’s more a case of picking either high street or designer hats that complement, but do not undermine, someone’s unique beauty.

“Does one really want the future Queen of England to be fashionable?” Jones concluded. “No. You want her to look like a princess… It’s good she wears a mix of high street and designer. If she wore all designer it would be…[shakes head]. She has always to be more important than her clothes.”

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